Lefroy London is a leading British manufacturer and supplier of brass products for bathrooms, offering high-quality hidden cisterns, flush plates, toilets and bide, sinks, bathtubs and shower systems for the bathroom.

We do not compromise in our design or production – high quality is our main goal. Starting from the product design and ending with the final product, we manufacture our products in accordance with strict standards. In addition to designing and creating luxury collections, we strive to provide an unsurpassed level of service, which is why we are trusted by famous interior designers, architects and developers from all over the world, and we can be found in many leading countries.As a premium brand  Lefroy London stands out as an undeniably original and innovative market leader thanks to the advanced design and quality of its products.

Every Lefroy London bathroom product is manufactured in our factories using advanced technologies. Today we are proud to develop and manufacture all our own products using high-quality raw materials.The Lefroy London bathroom product is designed to provide you with years of impeccable service. All bathroom products are guaranteed for 15 years from the moment. The warranty does not cover malfunctions caused by improper installation, negligence, improper use, wear, improper cleaning or damage caused by the formation of limescale.


All Lefroy London brass products are PVD coated .Any person who wants to buy brass products for the bathroom, one way or another had to deal with a large flow of information. A variety of coatings are an integral part of this flow. Under one abbreviation PVD, several methods of spraying coatings by direct condensation of the vapor of the applied material are combined. The whole process takes place in a vacuum at a temperature of 150 to 500 degrees celsius. Advantages of coating:-Improved attractive appearance-The ability to create a matte and polished surface-Suitable for tiny, complex parts-The thinnest possible coating-Resistant to damage caused by salt and other aggressive substances-Scratch and corrosion resistant-The coating process is completely eco-friendly.

   Product Development


We achieve this first through analyzing market trends & client demands before developing concepts of products. The samples we receive are subject to rigorous testing of different environments and scrutiny from the full Product Development team before bringing them to market, ensuring every item is refined to perfection. The Lefroy London in-house product development team is respected throughout the industry for translating emerging global design trends into products that not only score highly in terms of aesthetic appeal, but also for innovation, performance and durability.


We are WRAS, ESMA, EQM, SASO & ISO certified to give you peace of mind when designing to compliance.


Many products are WRAS approved for Europe & UK. To attain WRAS certification may of our whole products such as shower valves and basin mixers undergo mechanical and water quality testing for approval to demonstrate products are of an appropriate quality and standard.


We also maintain and hold full ISO accreditation with certificates for: ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System to consistently provide products and services that meet customer requirements, whilst enhancing customer satisfaction; and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System. This is one of our significant accomplishments which demonstrates our commitment to achieving and maintaining excellence in all aspects of business.


With LEED and WELL v2 2018 appointing levels of certifications on a point based rating, our products contribute to points across various categories for approaches to water and energy consumption with our touchless sensor-operated ranges and flow restricting aerators promoting utmost water efficiency.